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Indian Potato Roti / Aloo Paratha
What do you eat Aloo paratha with?
You could simply eat it without any sides as it is, since it's already filled with a flavorful potato mixture.

But for all of  you looking to add some more flavor to your paratha, there are various traditional and non traditional sides you can eat your aloo parathas with such as:
1. Yogurt
    • Traditionally eaten with plain yogurt or sweetened yogurt
    • Also eaten with raita which is yogurt with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and cilantro
2. Mango chutney / pickle
    • Also known as chutney. Mango pickle is sweet, sour and slightly spicy, and pairs perfectly with aloo parathas.
3. Ketchup
    • For all you ketchup lovers out there, rejoice since aloo parathas taste great with a side of ketchup
4. Hot sauce
    • If you're looking for a little kick, a hot sauce will work wonders for your aloo paratha
5. Sugar
    • Feeling a little more adventurous? Maybe try a sweet and savory combo by adding a little sprinkle of sugar on top of your hot paratha
6. Curry
    • Aloo parathas can even be eaten as flat bread along with your favorite curry dishes!

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